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Featured Author
SHJ Issue 10
Fall 2014

Midnight Rumba
[Excerpt + Interview, Review, and More]

by Eduardo Santiago

Eduardo Santiago’s writing is graceful, sensuous and passionate, like the rumba itself. In an interview, when asked how he writes,
Santiago replied, “...basically I just cut open a vein
and I write until I’m out of blood.”

— Arlene Sanders, author of Tiger Burning Bright



In our tenth issue, we are pleased to feature the work of Eduardo Santiago, whose most recent novel, Midnight Rumba, won the coveted Beverly Hills Book Award for best fiction. It also earned top honors at the prestigious New England Book Festival and the Latino International Book Awards.

Read an excerpt: “Havana, 1957”

Read Sarah Rettger’s interview of Santiago in this issue...

Read the review by Arlene Sanders in this issue...

“... One of Santiago’s greatest strengths as a writer is his remarkable understanding of women and his ability to create deep, complex, and finely nuanced female characters.”

• Starred review at:

(First paragraph erroneously refers to Santiago’s first novel, Tomorrow They Will Kiss, though the remainder of the review is about Midnight Rumba.)

Book details at our Bookshelf (including bookseller links)

And More...

• From a review of Eduardo Santiago’s first novel:

“ my opinion, [he] eventually will win the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished fiction by an American author, and he may be the next writer of Cuban descent to do so.
Tomorrow They Will Kiss is right up there with other Pulitzer winners. Santiago is young, and he has talent and dedication. And so it is, I believe, only a matter of time.”
—Arlene Sanders, in Goodreads (29 January 2014)
“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury