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Serving House Journal:
Submission Guidelines

Special Call for Submissions: In addition to our regular submissions, we need tributes for Kowit’s Korner: poems, prose poems, essays, anecdotes, etc. Photographs may be considered as well. For examples of tributes, please see our Steve Kowit Memorial Edition.
SHJ-18 Reading Period: 1 January–28 February 2018

NOTE: Reading periods may close early.
We accept submissions during our reading periods by email only; please submit Word documents as email attachments to servinghousejournal [at] gmail [dot] com

* NOTE: Our editors are way busy—just like you!— so we trust you’ll understand that we may not read submissions which do not meet these guidelines.
Reading Periods: Spring Issues: 1 January–28 February
Fall Issues: 1 July–31 August

NOTE: Reading periods may close early.
Launch Dates: Spring issues: 1 May
Fall issues: 1 November
Fiction: Up to 5,000 words
Flash Fiction: Up to 1,500 words each; 3 stories max
(CNF, biography, essays, interviews, memoirs, reviews):
Up to 5,000 words
Poetry: Up to 5 poems
(we consider literary works of any genre):
Up to 5,000 words
Visual Arts: Up to five (5) jpegs, 200 DPI, 400–500 pixels wide

Feel free to send us links to your portfolios and galleries as well.

During Spring and Fall reading periods as listed above, please email, as separate attachments, no more than five jpeg files to: SHJWebmaster [at] gmail [dot] com *

* NOTE: Visual Arts submissions only. Other genres will not be considered at this address.
Reprints: Will be considered.

Please be sure to include name of venue and date of the work’s previous publication, so we can give proper credit. Thank you!

We also need these details when we nominate works for the Best of the Net Anthology, the Pushcart Prize, and other competitions with specific requirements about publication dates.
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes, but please extend us the professional courtesy of letting us know right away if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
Payment: Non-paying
Response Time: Up to six months

  • The best way to decide whether your work would be a good fit for Serving House Journal is to read a couple of issues. Plus, you’ll find our mission described on the home page.
  • Our editors prefer to read submissions as Word documents in Verdana font, size 11. If you cannot use Verdana, then a sans-serif font will be easiest to review onscreen and will be most appreciated. Works accepted for publication will be reformatted as necessary to follow our house style of “Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif.”
  • Double-space all prose submissions (stories, essays, interviews, etc.), and number your pages sequentially.
  • Single-space poetry, and set poems (line breaks, etc.) as you would want them to appear on a printed page.
  • Be sure to include your name and e-mail address on page one of your manuscript so that we can contact you. Bonus points for also including the genre below the title of your work.
  • Author Bio: At the end of your manuscript, please include a brief bio (up to 175 words) written in third person. Book and journal titles should appear in italics or be underlined—please do NOT type them in all caps. Our webmaster has plenty to do already, and would like to avoid retyping titles. Thanks so much for your understanding!
  • We accept submissions during our reading periods by email only; submit works as email attachments to servinghousejournal [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Thank you! We look forward to reading your work.
“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury